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Minimal Logo Design - Gulmarg Shehed

A few months ago, our designing crew, Team 121 Creators was approached by a company named ‘Gulmarg Shehed’. As the name suggests, Gulmarg Shehed is a honey (shehed) manufacturing company that extracts its honey from the mountains of Gulmarg.

The company wanted us to design a logo that captured the essence of their work while giving it a savory feel of the mountains. Therefore, began a quest of designing one of the most suggestive and creative logos.


The style of the logo was kept minimal to make it seem like a perfect fit among the simple yet eye-catching environment of mountains.


If observed carefully, The mountains in the logo form an ‘A’ and an ‘E’. The letters are references to the species of honey bees called Apidae.


The color scheme subtly compliments the logo by highlighting the color yellow to denote the prominence of the honey melting from the white, snowy mountains.


Creators chose a minimal yet professional font ‘Montserrat’ to propound the professionalism and trustworthiness set forth by the company.

The project was a declared success after our clients approved the logo with a smile.

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