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Designing a Theme-Based Logo for Maya Fashion

Logo Designing & Branding Illustration - Team 121 Creators Blog

At Team 121 creators, we believe the art of designing a logo means putting several ideas, values, and themes into one creation. Therefore, this logo designed for ‘Maya Fashion’ holds a special place in our team’s heart. Since Maya Fashion is a Gujarat-based female clothing line store, they emphasized highlighting the theme of women's empowerment through the design of this logo.

Maya Fashion Logo Design - Team 121 Creators Blog

Here are the significant takeaways from making theme-based logos:


The letter 'M' catches the eye at first glance. The letter stands for 'Maya Fashions.' If scrutinized a little, one can see a small bow tie placed subtly in the letter 'M,' which suggests the idea of working women professionals.


We opted for the Minimal style for this logo to complement the sleekness of Maya fashion's products.


Evidently, we designed the logo according to the theme of 'women's empowerment.

Today, our logo stands proud outside the stores of Maya fashion, a budding and progressive clothing line. Do you also need a logo for your brand, business, or venture? Contact us now to get a FREE Brand Consultation by clicking here.

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