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Design - "Your Silent Ambassador"

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand - Team 121 Creators Blog

What's the first thing that comes to mind when someone wants to develop a brand? In the majority of cases, it is creating a brand design, which includes having a striking logo. As the saying goes, 'The first impression is the last impression' if a potential customer is not satisfied at first sight, they are unlikely to return to the business. But if you have a well-executed logo and design foundation, the viewer will be struck by it and it will do wonders for you as a silent ambassador than any famous ambassador ever could. But mind you, we all are ambassadors of our brands in one way or the other in way of our role in the organization.

Paul Rand, a prominent twentieth-century American graphic designer, and art director coined the phrase "Design is the silent ambassador of your brand." Design is a visual representation of your company's values. It represents your brand in the form of a logo and user interfaces, promotional collaterals, mailers, online creatives, offline artworks. A human portrays your brand by being vocal, design in this way is silent. It uses strategic graphics to communicate. Graphic designing is a creative process that blends art and technology to communicate a label's ideas to a specific audience. Consumer psychology is also a priority when designing an asset if today's needs are to be emphasized. A sloppily designed logo, website, and other marketing materials can put across an amateurish picture of your company, which will turn off probable customers. The composition must be imaginative and presented in such a way that a person or a client can perceive the connection between their choices and what the firm has to offer. However, if you want to show off your ingenuity, you need to make sure that you don't gobble things up with the one chance you get.

The key to having a successful business is having a trustworthy customer base; professional image and video design marketing can help you achieve this over time. To a viewer, an outmoded user interface appears sleazy and unsatisfactory. While selecting a color scheme and font is relatively simple, deciding on a specific approach to represent your brand is much more challenging. It wasn't easy for us either; Lakshay, the founder of Team 121 Creators, spent a lot of time pondering about how he could effectively grasp the common notion of his and the customers. He believes that a logo should be scalable, simple, and compelling. To achieve this, he tried doing the same thing with our logo. The goal was to make it clear that we deal in media production, so he chose a design that combined 'typography' and 'a distinctive image', resulting in a 'WORDMARK' that depicted the digits '121' morphing as a camera while maintaining the typeface for "Creators" simple and professional. However, if you zoom up close enough, you'll discover a red dot inside the letter 'o', symbolizing the record button, which also conveys that we're a startup, who has started recording its journey in this field of creative design.

Logo - Team 121 Creators Blog

If you're seeking a team to assist you in achieving your ideal creatives, "Team 121 Creators" is the team to hire. You can just imagine, communicate and then relax while we build your brand identity for you.

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