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5 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Designing from Scratch!

In earlier blogs, we discussed how, when it comes to our contemporary generation's attention span, audio-visual content is more graspable than textual content. This makes it even more crucial when it comes to acquiring or improving a skill. If you've been wishing to learn about design from scratch or in-depth and you're broke, like many beginner learners, it's only natural to turn to YouTube for assistance in finding videos. Over time, a plethora of outlets of design lessons has emerged. While it is encouraging to hear that individuals value the profession of design, it is difficult to identify relevant and time-worthy channels. To make learning easier for you, we've put together five such channels that cover everything from the fundamentals of design and business to how to create a brand identity from the ground up!

1. The Futur

When it comes to a destination for creatives, The Futur is a well-known name because it is more than just a YouTube channel with basic information; it also covers important themes such as client psychology and business smartness. This is a one-stop destination for learning about design thinking and business, as well as how to create a brand identity. As an added benefit, they will provide you with freelancing training so that you may work without a hitch in the field!

Suggested video

Suggested Playlist - Business School For Creatives

2. Will Paterson

Will Paterson is the type of designer who encourages you to learn while having fun. His areas of expertise include logo design, hand lettering, and calligraphy. Kerning - the process of adjusting the spacing between characters in a proportional font, which is highly crucial for assets; is a topic that he explains like no other. His videos are not only educational for students, but also entertaining for people who want to watch him create designs from seemingly unfathomable ideas.

Suggested video

Suggested Playlist - Come Design With Me

3. PiXimperfect

PiXimperfect is an all-in-one source for anyone to learn photoshop in profoundness. You can master the pen tool and learn photoshop composition from here. The idea of the creator of this channel - Unmesh Dinda is that they want to embed the concepts in you rather than forcing you to stick to the normal steps. He also keeps the viewers updated about the advancement of photography technology.

Suggested video

Suggested Playlist - 1 Minute Photoshop

4. Benny Productions

Benny Productions is a go-to channel for picture editing and digital artwork/composition. He skillfully blends the captivating process of photo manipulation with high-quality explanations. His most well-known compilation is his Edit-Race series which is entertaining for both watching and learning at the same time. You can follow his MicroWorlds project on Instagram to observe how his work differs from that of other creators.

Suggested video

Suggested Playlist - Speed Art

5. GFXMentor

If you're looking for a Hindi/Urdu learning channel, GFXMentor is the place to go. This channel offers in-depth, all-inclusive programs that are completely free. It also provides live classes in which you can get your questions answered right away. With the creator's 17 years of teaching experience, one is sure to get the most essential knowledge about GFX and related fields.

Suggested video

Suggested playlist - Basic Selections: Photoshop

BONUS - Team 121 Creators

The YouTube account of Team 121 Creators has now been set up and is being updated on a regular basis. We are now posting short videos showcasing artwork created by our team, as well as a creative ad introducing the team and their beliefs. Our goal is to make the channel a fun learning platform for everyone interested in learning more about design and its associated domains. You can keep up with our content by following us on Instagram!

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Jan 20, 2022

Very informational blog, I follow most of them, but I'll follow The Futur as well. Thanks for the information :)


Dec 22, 2021

I personally follow most of them! An efficient blend of various artists..

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