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Why are videos an essential tool in today's era of digital marketing?

Have you ever wondered why marketers switched from only using still pictures to creating the now-famous video content for marketing? If you haven't, then I'm sure that now you are intrigued to find out why so, which is what I am going to tell you about today.

From the biggest brands to the smallest new emerging businesses, video content is now being used to draw your attention towards their products and services. This is because of the commercial and significant benefits that are obtained by employing this strategy. Firms want to catch up to the hottest trends online, which can be done easily by investing in this technique. The vast spread of social media has been a major reason for this because you can find tons of success stories of small businesses booming up in popularity via video marketing. There are numerous reasons why videos are vital in today's digital marketing setting, some of which are listed below:

1. Visual content is more easily digested.

According to extensive studies, people pay greater attention to moving images than motionless ones. Unlike photos, you can express a clearer message through video clips without making it messy. People also prefer high-quality videos to shady photos because videos keep them more captivated.

2. The audio-visual experience is second to none.

AV dynamic being very easy to interpret is why it's a must to gain attention towards your services. The power of using audio and videos together in an impactful way is one of the best psychological marketing techniques as videos tend to increase retention of information and the proper use of audio makes the viewer more attentive.

3. Videos are a powerful marketing tool.

With customers' attention spans dwindling, videos have proven to be a powerful tool for advertising brands. Even though written content and graphics can be used to promote a business, video's effectiveness has indisputably increased with time. This is due to the fact that videos tend to convey the brand's authenticity, garnering the consumers' trust and undivided attention.

4. Google somehow likes videos more.

Google improves website's SEO & Ranking when using videos for digital marketing - Team 121 Creators Blog

Google's algorithm is not easy to figure out but it has been noticed that videos tend to blow up more than other media without any doubt. Videos are a very creative medium for increasing inbound linking and web traffic SEO. These both tend to make your site more shareable and easy to find on the search engine. If your video is engaging, it will retain viewers on your page longer, resulting in a spike in ranks and organic traffic.

5. Video's Return on Investment (ROI) continues to be unrivaled.

The ROI from advertisements was historically modest, but since the introduction of video advertising, the ROI has been on an unstoppable increase. According to a recent Hubspot study, 88 percent of video marketers saw a positive return on their investment. In 2018, it reached 83 percent, demonstrating the impact of videos on returns, as opposed to previous years when it could barely reach 15 percent.

Why are videos an essential tool in today's era of digital marketing? - Team 121 Creators Blog

Videos are your marketing partner, regardless of what your brand is about. Because of COVID-19, digital ways of working have become increasingly important; thus making video marketing a must-have strategy. It can advance your products and services, allowing you to construct a devoted customer base and a memorable brand.

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