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3 Pillars Of Content Creation

These are the 3 basic steps you should follow as a content creator:


Good content distills megatons of data into what is most relevant and useful to the reader. Research not only provides you with the authority to talk about what is essential, but it also enhances your writing abilities, providing you confidence and continuity.


The bones and muscles of your content include voice and style, SEO keywords your audience uses, headings and subheadings, introductions, and CTAs, and they help you organize, develop, and express your ideas effectively

Understand your tools and how to utilize them.


Request feedback for an outside view on your content to check whether a.) you still have your primary audience in mind and b.) you are still on message with the content marketing goals your company set at the beginning of the project. You may also utilize feedback in the form of comments, online traffic, or a lack of it.

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