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4 Proven Ways To Attract Customers Through Designing

Nike, Apple, Starbucks, KFC, LG, and Google are renowned brands and have become household names in many countries. These brands have built an exceptional customer base for themselves in the past few years. While their products owe the major credit for the success yet the question arises that how do they maintain their dominance in today’s cutthroat competition? To find an answer to that, you may read the name of these brands again. Observe how your brain flashes the logos or the brand names as soon as you read the name. This concept is known as brand identity. Brand identity refers to the visual elements of the brand and has been used to gain more customers.

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It is not incidental that we remember some of the brands better than others. They are precisely designed to engrave themselves in our memory for a long time. For instance, we have learned to link Coca-Cola with the red color and Limca with the colors green and orange. Brand identity helps one gain more customers, but it can also help customers differentiate between 2 products. This benefits the brand by getting an edge over the others. Thus, we bring forth some simple and cost-effective points to keep in mind to attract more customers.

How to Grow Your Business Through Designing - Team 121 Creators Blog

1. Theme: Let your designs speak for the brand

The designs, especially the logo should be suggestive. They should indicate the company’s core works or products. For instance, if a construction company has a pair of scissors as their logos, they wouldn’t come off as very reliable to people. That would leave their customers confused. Thus, it is recommended to choose a logo that compliments the work of the company and is creatively suggestive.

(Color Scheme) How to Grow Your Business Through Designing - Team 121 Creators Blog

2. Color scheme:

The psychology of hue

Try and recall some of the most famous brands that you remember. You will find that all these brands have the following colors;

  1. Red

  2. Blue

  3. Pink

  4. Green

  5. Yellow

This is because the said colors are more attractive to human eyes than others. Thus, more of these colors in your designs can help people remember your brand.

As simple as the logic behind the color schemes may seem, it is important to find a fit color according to the variety of designs. For example, you may or may not find it appropriate to use red color to design a web page. Therefore, one must be very careful while choosing a color scheme for their designs.

(Style) How to Grow Your Business Through Designing - Team 121 Creators Blog

3. Style: The art of styling

Styles are the key to good designs and can also manipulate how your customers view your brands. Minimal styles can help your brands look sleek and reliable while more extravagant styles can make your brands look creative and friendly.

(Typography) How to Grow Your Business Through Designing - Team 121 Creators Blog

4. Typography: The clash of fonts

Typography refers to the font and styling of the written material. While typography is generally the most ignored part of a design, it can have a huge impact on the viewer’s mind. Even in our daily lives, we tend to perceive the texts written in bold as important and loud. The Italian font on the other hand is linked with sleekness and style.

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