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METH - 3D Gaming Logo Design

We were approached by METH, an

E-Sports team who wanted us to create a logo for them that could be used to represent their team as a whole. A 3D logo that presented their cool yet strong group of gamers and also brought out the story behind their organization's name Meth. You might already know meth is short for 'methamphetamine', which is a powerful stimulant. If used in the right amount, meth makes you feel powerful and energized; just like that of our client's team, who when working at their pace is very powerful and energetic.


The challenge was to re-design the METH Clan's logo, which was more of a mascot illustration, to a much refined 'logo'. Although, there was something that had to be kept in mind, while the designers worked over the rough idea, that the logo should look modern and minimal, while also giving it a gaming touch, so as to blend in with the gaming community.


The logo style was made by keeping in mind the story behind the team's name, making it look easy to interpret and different among others.


The design of the logo was framed in a way that the letter M stands out the most with the team's hashtag line below. The logo was designed in Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop, although the 3D crystals were texturized and rendered within After Effects.


The color scheme was decided such that it used the teal-green palette representing the color of meth crystals.

The project was finalized after we caught all the parts of our client's demands and had him satisfied. We also provided our client with a short 'Logo Reveal Intro' so he can announce the logo on their clan's social media handles.

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