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Logo Designing Services in Chandigarh

Firstly, what exactly is a logo?

A logo is a symbol or design that is used to identify a business or an organization, as well as its products, services, workers, and so on. A logo, in its most basic form, creates a distinct identity for you. It is how your company is known and remembered by others. It also serves as the iconic symbol of your company. Your logo design, in its most basic form, defines your company by employing a logo mark, a typographic solution, or a combination of the two.

Mumbai Surf Club Logo - Blu Life Adventures - Team 121 Creators

— Construction of a minimal logo for a surf club in Mumbai (by Team 121 Creators) —

Where to get started?

In a swarm of logo design ideas and suggestions, it is critical to have a well-targeted choice of vision that you intend to express via your logo. This is because logos not only identify your company but also provide a glimpse of your firm's principles and core beliefs. If you are successful in creating a favorable mood for a potential customer, you have developed the most important part of marketing- TRUST.

Team 121 Creators is a designing crew in Chandigarh which is a cohesive crew of creators, editors & designers who are passionate about building brands & designing their core identity, within a reasonable amount of time & budget. Our services are also available in Mohali and Panchkula but that's not where we stop! We have clients all over the world who love our services. Team 121 Creators has created logos and brand identities for many businesses. We help them create what they imagine with the joint effort of our team.

Team 121 Creators understands how important a logo is for you! We provide professional logo designing services in Chandigarh, India. You can reach out to us even if you are far away from here as we work with online clients as well. We can prepare different types of logo designs as per your needs. A few to name would be:

  • ​Product Logo Design

  • Restaurant Logo Design

  • Minimal Logo Design

  • 3D Logo Design

  • Corporate Logo Design

  • Typography Logo Design

  • Monogram Logo Design

  • Wordmark Logo Design

  • Abstract Logo Design

  • Mascot Logo Design

  • Emblem Logo Design

Lakshay Designs Logo Design - Team 121 Creators
A logo is not a product, it's an investment - Team 121 Creators

Why us, not others?

Our team is a noteworthy designing team that makes logos for entrepreneurs like YOU who are planning to take the first big step in establishing a brand identity - designing a logo. We are fit for all your needs as we are trendy as well as in touch with the evergreen trends. Our talented graphic designers ensure that our clients receive a professional logo that not only meets but exceeds their expectations without a hitch! Your logo designed by us will be targeted at your audience in an approachable manner which will make it easy to convey your brand's message and boost your business.


To make a blunt statement we would even say that we are not your typical designing agency or one-man marketing personnel. We don't blurt out a fixed or random amount when you approach us and give your work to some random designer who will do your work rushed in a day or so and give you a logo made with no details or values depicted. Instead, we have a decent process which is important for you and us both!

Our Process

When you approach us with your needs, we schedule a brand consultation with you which can be online or offline as per your wish and location, and did I mention it? We do it for FREE! In that meeting, we try to understand your brand; mainly its core values, and your targeted audience. We also try to grasp everything that you are demanding for us so we can make it such that you would see it fit your needs exactly!

After this, we move onto the budget segment which works with keeping your budget and your needs in mind. Even if you don't like what we first present to you, we are open to critics and changes required as per your satisfaction. We believe every step is essential in our process so we can make what's best for your company.

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