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3D Editing Services in Chandigarh

Is the world shifting towards 3D?

If you have just set up your business or are already pro in it then you must be aware of how selling your products or services is becoming harder day by day because each customer seeks that edge from the product or service they want. Showcasing your services becomes harder with just images and videos in many cases. But if you understand how to bring that edge that will boost your sales, then your business is set to flourish. This is where 3D marketing comes in handy. It can be regarded as one of the most effective and important tools to your sales and marketing teams since it provides a rich taste of how the goods you offer will feel, look, and behave in the real-world context. 


Traditional marketing strategies are no longer as effective as they once were because clients need innovation which can be now served with 3D marketing and advertising. 3D designs allow businesses to increase conversion rates, keep up with competitors, ensure brand modernity, and a slew of other benefits. Video content using 3D animation is a strong approach to engage and innovate with your consumers, giving them a sense of change. Animated 3D videos may cover a wide range of topics: you can use them to explain your thoughts, display certain goods, showcase your services, and so on.

Best 3D Design Services In Chandigarh - Team 121 Creators

— An aesthetic 3D gaming room design (by Team 121 Creators) —

But, why 3D? Aren't images enough?

When the entire world went online due to COVID-19 and continues to be, getting things in front of buyers became a major difficulty. Products' 3D Visualization allows any product to be showcased in depth from all angles. 3D-produced items frequently appear lifelike, allowing you to form an emotional connection. In comparison to hiring a photographer and going through all steps of the process, 3D visualization takes less time. In the occurrence that you want adjustments or touch-ups, 3D is a more user-friendly solution. Customers can gain quick knowledge of what they will get by using realistic 3D representations of the things you provide.

3D Car Gate Automation Promo
Play Video

— 3D Animation (Automatic Garage Gate) —

Where to get started?

The fact that 3D editing requires great skill and professionalism is quite a hassle for many business owners and they end up overlooking this technique. That will not be a worry for you because artists at Team 121 Creators have the skill and zeal you need to implement 3D Visualization as an asset for your firm.

Team 121 Creators is a Chandigarh-based designing team that offers professional 3D editing services. We are a cohesive crew of creators & designers who are passionate about building brands & designing their core identity, within a reasonable amount of time & budget. Our services are also available in Mohali and Panchkula but that's not where we stop! We have clients all over the world who love our services. Team 121 Creators has provided 3D editing services to many businesses which allowed them to achieve notable results. Our creations are not only visually appealing but also correspond with our client's marketing objectives.

We think that each company has unique demands, thus we develop designs second to none to meet those needs at the most economical prices.We provide different types of 3D exiting services as per your needs. A few of them are listed below:

Mjolnir Hammer 3D Model Design - Team 121 Creators

3D modeling and rendering

3D visualization and 2D sketches both can illustrate things that do not yet exist in the actual world. The former, on the other hand, has a significant advantage over the latter since contemporary 3D rendering software can create imagery that is indistinguishable from images. This level of excellence leaves nothing to the imagination and enables businesses to present their initiatives in a creative manner. As a result, many individuals have shifted to 3D modeling and rendering to display a building, a room design, a project, or even minute details linked to any company design.

Product Visualization

Because of the unrivaled visual impact that 3D design can provide, businesses are increasingly using it in advertising. Who would want to be confined to lifeless and uninteresting images of items and brands when genuine models or lifelike renditions showing the products and brands can be created utilizing 3D modeling services? Businesses that want to display their products need to be cautious about the first impression they make on clients. This can be done by considering the works' aesthetic sense, material quality, and overall vibe. You will understand how important it is to highlight even the smallest detail. Businesses benefit from the incorporation of the 3D model into these commercials, and potential consumers are quickly drawn into this campaign.

3D Product (Smart-watch) Visualization Design
Nescafe 3D Advertisement Design

Promotion and Advertisement

In the earlier times transfer of knowledge started from the text and then images emerged and further development led to the transfer of ideas by art and illustrations. This process kept on evolving and then came videos as a promotion tool. It all happens because of innovation and decreasing attention span of humans. As of now 3d images, animations, and models are the most intuitive aid for marketing. Once a business starts using this technique, the results start showing in not much time.

Character design and Animation

If an artist wants to bring their OC to life for any sort of purpose, that is possible with 3D Animation. Scenes and video trailers can be made as per the creators' preferences. Be it bringing a text to 3D or 2D art to 3D, all is possible with this. Many creators seek to do so to showcase their imagination in the most realistic form.

3D Female Character Design - Team 121 Creators
3D Medical Brain Design - Team 121 Creators

Educational or Medical purposes videos

Lessons with 3D characters assist you to answer tons of queries that can arise during the process of learning or obtaining certain skills. 3D allows a student to be immersed in a near-realistic world, demonstrating in detail how things take place or should be done. 3D models can be shown to students or even patients for medical purposes to illustrate what will happen. In the case of a patient, this enhances the efficiency of obtaining consent for surgeries and performing a virtual surgery beforehand.

— We provide services for all the above-mentioned uses of 3D Designs and many more 

Why us, not others?

Our team is a noteworthy designing team that makes logos for entrepreneurs like YOU who are planning to take the first big step in establishing a brand identity - designing a logo. We are fit for all your needs as we are trendy as well as in touch with the evergreen trends. Our talented graphic designers ensure that our clients receive a professional logo that not only meets but exceeds their expectations without a hitch! Your logo designed by us will be targeted at your audience in an approachable manner which will make it easy to convey your brand's message and boost your business.


To make a blunt statement we would even say that we are not your typical designing agency or one-man marketing personnel. We don't blurt out a fixed or random amount when you approach us and give your work to some random designer who will do your work rushed in a day or so and give you a design made with no details or aesthetics involved. Instead, we have a decent process which is important for you and us both!

Our Process

When you approach us with your needs, we schedule a brand consultation with you which can be online or offline as per your wish and location, and did I mention it? We do it for FREE! In that meeting, we try to understand your brand; mainly its core values, and your targeted audience. We also try to grasp everything that you are demanding for us so we can make it such that you would see it fit your needs exactly!

After this, we move onto the budget segment which works with keeping your budget and your needs in mind. Even if you don't like what we first present to you, we are open to critics and changes required as per your satisfaction. We believe every step is essential in our process so we can make what's best for your company.

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